Saturday, October 20, 2007

384 - Collage

1. I Should Probably
I'm interrupting this long dry spell (which was meant to be a short reprieve, but that's another story) manly because I'm sick of looking at those freaking furries.

2. Change the Name
But I also wanted to tell you that I really like these small collages I came across on Flickr.

3. Of This Virtually Abandoned
They seem to be a part of some kind of collaborative art project between a person called Marie-Chantale Turgeon and another person called Guylaine.

4. Blog, Since It Is Unlikely To Be
That's really all the info I have for you since I'm too lazy to read Ms. Turgeon's blog, much of which is in French anyway, which I don't read (or speak.)

5. Updated Daily Anymore
Anyway, if the artist happens to see this and wants to leave some comments filling us in on the nature of her work, that would be great. If she wants to send me a collage that would be even better. I think I'm going to start collecting original 6x6 works of art right now.



m-c said...


these collages are part of the 6x6 project, which is described here :

anyone can join, and find a partner to exchange envelope of material to create 6 pieces of 6x6 inches.

Happy that you like my work!

arch stanton said...

dear top5occasionally,
these are a million times more beautiful than those goddamn furry pics. i was about to update for the very same reason! m-c has a nice thing going there.