Monday, August 27, 2007

383 - Furry

1. Obsession
If you don't know about furries from the numerous 'expose' type reports on them by your local broadcast affiliates or from other sources, good for you. Unfortunately, you probably do know what furries are. Here are some pics for you to tsk/laugh/eye-roll/ogle at. The furry webmaster here is pretty old school with the galleries though.

2. Fur 2.0
Did you know there was a furry 'wiki'? If you can answer yes to the previous question, click here. (Apologies to whomever I stole this photoshopped pic from.)

3. No accounting for taste...
Furry art. You know this stuff would fly off the shelves at those weird storefront shops that seem to only sell/host Magic: The Gathering.

4. Furry love?
You've seen these before. This one's furry heaven.

5. Trigger happy furries
This show seems to have been under-appreciated. You can watch a whole crapload on google video though.



arch stanton said...

that yellow truck is awesome! i love the semi-hidden pile-o-junk detail.

Mike EgoCock said...

So wha' happen'?

Christopher said...

I made it a full year without missing a day and then I decided to take a couple of days off. Those days turned into several gloriously pressure-free months without the stress of having to write five short paragraphs about things. I'm sure the 4 people who visited daily and the 27 other people who accidentally googled there way here have found other ways to waste 6 minutes of the work day by now, so it is unlikely that I'll be getting back into the daily grind. I wanted to find 5-7 co-writers to take over some of the workload but, as it turns out, I only know one person and he's even lazier than me. Maybe a blog called Top Five Monthly would be a good idea.