Wednesday, August 1, 2007

380 - Zombie

1. Zombie Movies
Zombies have become pretty popular in Hollywood in the last few years. Here's a rundown of some of the higher profile upcoming zombie movies. These are all mostly major studio releases, but for the independent film maker, it seems that the zombie film is a no-lose proposition. You'll almost definitely be able to sell your movie as a direct to DVD title, and zombie fans will watch pretty much anything, so it doesn't matter it your movie sucks.

2. Vegetarian Zombies
This is really kind of stupid. I'm not totally sure how a "pun" is defined, but I think this is pretty close, and I'm sure that puns aren't really funny. Still, I did chuckle a little bit under my breath.

3. An Everlasting Covenant
I guess this could be construed as sac religious. Or it might be a critique of organized Christianity. Or it might be a satire of a classic work of art. Or the guy might have jut thought it was a funny idea.

4. Heat Signature.
This video is kind of creepy, but you can tell it isn't real because everyone knows that zombies do not register as warm bodies on infrared cameras.

5. Army-men of the Dead
These might seem kind of cool, but I have to state clearly that I think $15.00 plus shipping is way too expensive for some stupid glow-in-the-dark zombie toys.


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arch stanton said...

i love zombie days. what about 'automaton transfusion'? the internet was abuzz about it when it premiered last halloween but i haven't heard peep since. someone should look into that....

by the way, i'm going to keep up my monday contributions when possible.