Wednesday, April 2, 2008

388 - Interview: Erin Tyner

1. Tell us about yourself and your background
My name is Erin Tyner and I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband Chris and our Italian Greyhound named Finn. My background and education is in the social sciences (social work, psychology, criminology). I started taking photos in early 2007 when I got my first camera.

2. What is your work about? What is your process?
My goal with my photos is to tell a story or express an emotion - whether that's through a created scene, a still life or a found object. Sometimes my photos are very spontaneous such as when I'm exploring abandoned places and don't want to stick around long! (Check out the Better Since You Left gallery on my website) When photographing still life or miniatures I just try to make the image match what I see in my head.

3. From where does your inspiration come?
Favorite music and literature, Minimalism, abstract and Surrealist artists, Nature, dioramas, taxidermy, dreams

4. Outside of photography, what are your interests?
I'm a movie junkie, watching multiple movies on the weekend is a guilty pleasure. I always have music playing and love concerts. I'm pretty decent in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes weekly. Of course I like eating (most of) those experiments too! I also enjoy exploring places in and out of town with my husband.



arch stanton said...

where from you got this interview?
thanks for the update! these photos are pretty rad.

Carey Lynn said...

great article! thanks for introducing me to Erin Tyner.