Saturday, April 5, 2008

398 - Yearbook

1. Student Body is a pretty awesome resource. Collectors can use it to find vintage yearbooks for sale. Long lost ffriends can find their old classmates. Researchers can track down geneological information. I just like to look at the old timey pictures.

2. No Commoner Carries Such Weapons, Unless His Appearance, and His Beauty, Are Both Lies.
he school didn't think it would be appropriate to include weaponry in it's yearbook. The kid just wants to promote his involvement in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Like most of these types of news stories, updates are hard to find. Anyone with news on the outcome, please leave a comment.

3. Regrets and Mistakes
English teacher, and yearbook committe councelor, Amy McTague, was forced to make apologies for allowing photographs and stories of underage drinking and illegal drug use to appear in last year's Conifer High School yearbook. At least she didn't fuck any of them.

4. Celebrity Yearbook Photos
Ever wonder what televangelist, fraud and ciminal, Benny Hinn looked like when he was in high school?

5. Girl's School
And as a final bit of self promotion, I made these collages based on vintage yearbook photos. I think they look pretty good. They are available in my etsy shop.



Carey Lynn said...

who knew yearbooks would become such a great resource?! cool blog:)

arch stanton said...

cool blog indeed.