Tuesday, June 27, 2006

007 - Monkey Tuesday

1. Florida Skunk Ape
After it's capture by military forces in the 1970's, "rumor has it that a live specimen of the Skunk Ape was taken to a large vault where it was held at Everglades National Park until it allegedly managed to escape by breaking through a concrete wall." Hmm.

Also check out part two in which the monkey does handstands and ball balancing. Keep your eyes peeled for part three in which he mauls audience members.

3. Vatican: "Enough Already"
Even the Vatican has had enough of the intelligent design "debate." So please give it a rest. ''The faithful have the obligation to listen to that which secular modern science has to offer," says Cardinal Paul Poupard.

A lot of people have done animations of the famous Patterson bigfoot film, but there is some real artistry in the way this one flows across your screen.

5. Peace Out
Finishing up here on Monkey Tuesday is a Brian Brasher designed t-shirt (based on the above mentioned Patterson footage) from Threadless.



rachel said...

I spelled simian wrong in that last post and took it off before you could lambast me.

I especially liked Monkey Wednesday, and I congratulate you on an enjoyable first week!!

It's not really 5:40 am. I don't get up that early (yet).

rachel said...

uh-oh, Chris, it's FRIDAY! what happened to thursday?

Christopher said...

It seems there is a sneaky robot that waits for me to mention not having missed a day, then it locks my access so that I'm forced to do just that.

In reality, I'm waiting for a live human to verify that this is not a "spam blog" and unlock my access.
This should take "less than a business day." You should interpret that as "more than a business day," as I asked for it be done, on Wednesday evening, and as you stated, this is Friday.

I've got yesterday's post, as well as today's, lined up and ready to publish as soon as possible. I'm also working on a patriotic theme day for next week. Hopefully I get verified before the 4th.

Anonymous said...

i forgive you.
but i will not forgive that 'bot!
here's my submission for your collection...

Christopher said...

Interestingly, I can't post , but I Can screw around and change all the colors.