Thursday, June 29, 2006

009 - with Links!

1. Asciimation
Just when I think I've got too much time on my hands.

Thousands of starlings creating crazy patterns in the air. I'm not sure why starlings get such a bad rap, what makes them worse than any other kind of bird? There's also a cool video of a swarm of starlings repeatedly landing on a tree and weighing down its branches.

3. Jackdaw with Yarn
More artwork from Etsy. Keeping in the spirit of the birds link above, is this print by freakydarling. Only $7.00.

I'm a big fan of the "over-do-it" school of comedy. Take something that isn't really that funny, repeat it and it keeps getting less funny, then all of a sudden it starts getting funnier and funnier. Click around the rest of the site for more comic innuendo.

5. Vegware
Plastic silverware may be the most grossly over-engineered product of modern times. Use a fork once and it will last for thousands of years. These guys say their potato starch based products will biodegrade within 90 days after using.



rachel said...

is that starling question directed towards me? because I want to tell you why I hate them. they don't belong in this country; that's why. I think we should post militia at our borders to keep jerks like them out. they take nesting space (and probably jobs and women) away from good ole american species.

a long time ago, some idiot decided to release all of the birds that shakespeare mentioned into central park and voila! a bunch of invasive pests who have made life hard for native species.

glad you're back!!!!

Anonymous said...

have you ever seen ascii pr0n?
(the 1337 is there to protect your site from getting shut down again.)
people certainly do have A LOT of time on their hands...

rachel said...

one cool thing about starlings