Tuesday, July 10, 2007

377 - with Links

1. All Beef?
After all my accusatiions, Kobayashi decided to show up at Nathan's hot dog eating contest after all. Unfortunately, he faced exactly what I believe he wanted to avoid; Joey Chestnut, who blasted past the record and ate 66 hot dogs. I'm not sure why I can't get behind this guy. I should be supporting the American I guess, but Kobayashi is just so freaking cute that I can't root against him.

2. Films-Within-Films
I've been watching a lot of HBO's Entourage lately, so the first fictional movies I thought of were Head On, Queens Boulevard, Aquaman and MedellĂ­n.

3. ESP Envy
With all the poker, dominos, strongman and lumberjack games they show on ESPN these days, I watch it quite a lot more than I ever did before. Now they're adding Rock, Paper, Scissors coverage to make me watch just a little bit more.

4. Barking Mad Bank Robber
What is the best disguise to wear when robbing a bank? I'm not sure, but it turns out that making yourself a tree costume out of leaves and twigs doesn't work that well.

5. Snooze
For years I've been wondering why alarm clock manufacturers set the snooze timer for nine minutes. I never worried about it enough to do the research. Luckily, Mental Floss Magazine did it for me.



Anonymous said...


While the USA RPS competition was held in May you still have time to get your tickets for the 2007 International World RPS Championship in Canada on Oct 13th.

Some company called Flip Flop Films is supposed to be working on a Rock Paper Scissors documentary. The film features interviews with the top players and strategists from around the world, Society officials, tournament organizers and much more.

arch stanton said...

"top players"? what the hell?
anyway, welcome back! we've felt like troglodytes for over a week now (no internet.) will you come and see my new home? if so, call my cell phone because i don't know when i'll be able to check e-mail or top5 again until monday. why not call me anyway?

Louis "axe" Wagner said...

Can I come see your new home too?

Christopher said...

I tried to call a few times, but I keep getting the voice-mail of some girl named Mandy or something similar.

arch stanton said...

i'll call you right now...