Monday, July 2, 2007

375 - with Links

1. Tame Foxes
John Lithgow explains how unnatural selection, the act of selectively breeding animals for desirable qualities, can produce unexpected results. The interesting thing is how quickly these changes occur. The research has led a lot of people to question the accepted evolutionary theory of the family dog beginning with the domestication of the wolf. The molecular evidence seems pretty clear that dogs evolved from wolves rather than jackals or coyotes, but I can't find any reference to a similar study done to look for a dog/fox biological connection.

2. Gator Eats Dog
Pet costume designers now have a new standard to shoot for.

3. Phit
Jamming these tetris-esque game pieces together isn't that hard at the beginning, but eventually the pieces get a smaller and smaller while growing in number making it much harder to piece them together properly.

4. Prison Break
An opportunistic panda sees his chance and makes a break for it.

5. Air Car
A little more info on the Aircar, the compresseD air powered vehicle that I reported on in the past. I was interested to hear that it is being marketed in several countries, not just India as I had previously thought.


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