Tuesday, July 17, 2007

378 - with Links

1. The Google Bandits
Some people were making fun of these crooks for trying to disable security cameras by spraying them with WD-40. Admittedly, that is pretty stupid, but when faced with a different safe than the one they had planned on cracking, these guys had the smarts to use the power of google to get into the safe and make off with $12000.

2. Go Vespa Go
After seeing these vintage Vespa commercials, I'm surprised than anyone ever bought one.

3. Pick Axe
The main reason I got such a low score on this guitar/player matching quiz is because I confused the name "Rick Nielson" with "Ricky Nelson."

4. Muffler Man
The Muffler Man section of Roadside America has become super comprehensive. It now includes a list of movies and TV shows which feature these giants, a nice interview with the one-time owner of the fiberglass company which produced them, and a map to track locations. Apparently, Illinois is a prime Muffler Man viewing state.

5. Coupon
No one knows where this coupon originated, but a lot of people have used printouts of it to save money on dvds at Best Buy. Many have reported multiple copies at one time even though it says "do not double" and "one offer per customer" right on it. Others have used it to buy the X-Files sets that are on sale for $19.99 regardless of the standard "not valid with other offers" fine print. I'm going to try using it on the 3rd season of Arrested Development tomorrow.


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arch stanton said...

how'd that arrested development purchase go?
i think our neices will be with us for the drive-in tomorrow.
at least until the fall asleep 15 minutes after NIMH starts.