Tuesday, May 29, 2007

343 - with Links!

Charles Nelson Reilly: Dead

1. Charles Nelson Reilly: Dead
It is so awesome that an actor, by sheer power of personality, could become a household name by only appearing in guest starring roles. Charles Nelson Reilly never really had a starring role, in fact, for all his appearances, he was never really a regular cast member on any television show. But his appearances on TV throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, especially as a celebrity guest on The Match Game have cemented him in pop culture history.

Script Frenzy

2. Script Frenzy
I'm not sure is two days is enough time to prepare for writing a screenplay, but if you've had an idea for a movie or play that you've been meaning to get down on paper, June 1st is the beginning of a month long writing event that encourages prospective writers to get a 20,000 word script done in only 30 days. They also provide tips on formatting and other writing resources.


3. Air-Car
Reaching 68 mph and a range of 125 miles per fill-up of a compressed air tank, the Air-Car is set to end pollution in India from internal combustion engines.


4. Lemmings
You could easily waste most of your day playing the classic Lemmings game with this Javascript based emulation.


5. Airtistique
Speaking of javascript, these guys mixed up traditional stage magic techniques with some fancy-pants web coding to create an interactive short film that totally screws with your browser windows.


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