Tuesday, November 21, 2006

154 - M. Lee

Cat Tails

1. Cat Tails
Marissa Lee is a fine art printmaker living and working in Boston.

Reaching Out

2. Reaching Out
Her original works often blend non-representational expressionism with abstractions of natural subjects.


3. Fall
She uses traditional woodcutting techniques to create her distinctly non-traditional multi-layered prints.

Springtime Willow

4. Springtime Willow
Although all of M. Lee's prints are exceptionally affordable, she also offers smaller original works, as well as jewelry and other accessories, for those on a limited budget.

Birds in the Spring

5. Birds in the Spring
Check out her etsy shop to browse, as well as her gallery website and flickr account to learn more about her techniques.



Anonymous said...

i think i'm getting the days confused.
i thought it was 'etsy monday'.

Mike said...

I think someone's in love.

Christopher said...

It's my show dammit. I decided to have two etsy days in a row.

Christopher said...

Mike, I'm saving my heart for one man. Hint.

Anonymous said...

is it matt gallant?
or, does that hint have something to do with the highlander.

Christopher said...

The poor man's Casey Kasem?

Anonymous said...

someone, and I am not naming names, thinks that just because he has the hots for the poor man's Casey Kasem that the rest of the world does too. now that it's creepy for "someone" to think of Marty McFly as the epitome of boyish cuteness because he's, like, 50-years old and kindy shaky, Matt Gallant has become a fixation. I think it has something to do with his association with the planet's funniest animals.

I think these prints are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

this "expose" is misguided at best.
both matt gallant AND canada's tiniest star are very charming.
"someone" might like them because of that fact and maybe because they have nice smiles and seem like they have good senses of humor.
also, that shaky thing just makes alex p. more likeable because it shows his vulnerability.
he's like baby-with-glasses cute, not anal-sex cute.

Anonymous said...

also, to the anonymous poster who brought up 'marty mcfly':
work on your punctuation your grammar.
your post was a chore to decipher.

Christopher said...

I can't believe you two are arguing about midget love affairs when there is a video of a super fat cat you could be looking at instead.