Wednesday, November 1, 2006

134 - with Links!

Reverse Coelacanth

1. Reverse Coelacanth
This report suggests that a "living fossil" was recently found. In actuality, the living animal, a lamprey, is well known already. What was actually discovered was a new fossil proving that the lampreys existed 360 million years ago.


2. Flip
Get a feel for your real estate business aptitude with a flash based time waster.

Ting Ting Jehe

3. Ting Ting Jehe
My friend, Rachel, brought me some of these ginger chews. I loved them very much (even though my little brother spit his out the car window) and I want 12 bags for the price of 10.

The One Up Downstairs

4. The One Up Downstairs
Featuring members of American Football, Very Secretary, and Owen, The One Up Downstairs recorded this set of songs before breaking up almost 10 years ago. Now you can finally hear these tracks (digital downloads only.) Now if someone could find the rumored Days in December tracks for me...

Vulnerable to Extinction

5. Vulnerable to Extinction
The world's first koala sperm bank. Seriously.



rachel said...

ting ting jehe is made from ACTUAL ginger. ting ting jAhe, on the other hand, makes no such claim.

Christopher said...

I left that bag of candy in the car over night when it was really cold. This made them much easier to open and they didn't get stuck in my teeth.

Anonymous said...

jolly ranchers are notorious teeth stickers.
remember jolly rancher sticks?
anyway, i downloaded that music.
so far so good.

Christopher said...

I was trying to figure out how I was going to download those tracks for free. Then I remembered I had an itunes gift card I recieved as a gift last Christmas. I'd prefer a hard copy CD though.

Polyvinyl's website is stupid. Does the link go to their main page, or directly to the one up downstairs page?

Anonymous said...

i went right to itunes.
i found a 15 dollar gift card on the ground, so some sucker ended up paying for mine.
unless leaving cards around is some sort of viral marketing campaign and i'm falling for it...

Anonymous said...

i could always try to burn you a copy.
but doesn't itunes use some sort of DRM thing? (m4p)