Thursday, December 7, 2006

170 - PS3


1. Bugs
As I predicted, there have already been a lot of reports about problems with the Playstation 3. New owners seem a bit concerned that the firmware updates aren't taking some of these issues into consideration, instead adding easier methods for spending money online. To be fair, this report is about update 1.11. Update 1.30 may have fixed some of the problems, but probably not.

Secondary Market

2. Secondary Market
It seems like resale prices on Ebay are holding steady at the low price of around $1000, far below the $5000-$6000 they were going for a few weeks ago. If you happen to stumble upon one for retail price, would it be worth it to purchase for resale? This guy doesn't think so, but I'd probably be tempted to try it.


3. Tacos
If you didn't want to risk ebaying your new PS3, you could always trade it in for a lifetime supply of tacos. Of course, with the e. coli issue Taco Bell is experiencing, this might not be the best course of action.

Borderline Fraud

4. Borderline Fraud
You might be best off just selling something worthless, but using the words "PLAYSTATION 3 PS3 60GB" in the auction title. Then try thinking of some other things on which you could spend the money.

End of an Era?

5. End of an Era?
Even with all the hype, sales of Sony's behemoth haven't actually been that great. Some industry experts expect Sony to get out of the game console business soon anyway. Sony representatives say it isn't true, and we should be on the lookout for the PS4 in about four more years.


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