Sunday, December 17, 2006

180 - Sylvia Browne

Dead Boyfriend

1. Dead Boyfriend Sylvia Browne is a TV psychic like John Edward. If she doesn't have any real supernatural powers (and she doesn't,) then the way she preys on people during the most emotionally vulnerable times in their lives in order to make money and mislead the public is utterly disgusting.

West Virginia Miners

2. West Virginia Miners One of her techniques, like all psychics, is cold reading. But her main technique is to just make a bunch of random statements as if they were facts and then make up some bullshit explanation when her predictions are proven wrong.

Missing Child

3. Missing Child After seeing the huge number of clearly, unmistakably wrong predictions, I can't believe that anyone, anywhere can believe that she is legitimate.

Dead Daughter

4. Dead Daughter In some of these videos, Sylvia can't even justify her errors. But Montell Williams is such a faithful believer in her bunk that he actually steps forward and makes excuses for her mistakes.

Securities Fraud

5. Securities Fraud It seems like a lot of psychics have a criminal history. Sylvia is no different. She is also a blatant liar. If you happen to be a believer in Sylvia Browne's "abilities," please rethink your position.



~Dawn said...

Excellent! Thank you for putting this one together, I know a few people who should read this info

Anonymous said...

did you know that you made it into the premiere issue of craft magazine?
towards the back, they've dedicated a couple of pages to etsy.
they have one pic/price/seller name for each catagory (jewelry, clothing, etc.)
under 'music' there's a pic of one of your brilliant guitars and it says goodfeets $85.
the magazine is pretty good, btw.
but i'm sure you know how to craft most of that stuff yourself.

Christopher said...

That is awesome, I'll go to Barnes and Noble today to see if they have a copy in stock. Thanks.

Christopher said...

Who ever heard of a magazine costing $15? Outlandish!

Anonymous said...

i had no idea it was that expensive!
rachel got a sub for xmas.
did you look through it at least?