Saturday, December 9, 2006

172 - with Links!

Miniature Midget

1. Miniature Midget
Cleverly named, Thumbelina, has been declared the world's smallest horse. Standing only 17 inches high, she is apparently a dwarf miniature pony.


2. ISketch
Play pictionary online against a bunch of people that can't draw, and therefore, like to cheat by writing the name of their clue instead of drawing it.

Martian Sunset

3. Martian Sunset
Take a look at this awesome Tattooine-esque photo from Mars. Spend some time looking at it. It cost American taxpayers millions of dollars.

Squeeze that Shit

4. Squeeze that Shit
I'm going to assume you have a strong stomach. Please don't blame me if this video makes you sick. Also, see your doctor if you have experienced anything like this.

Light a Match

5. Light a Match
The smell of lit matches compelled the crew of Flight 1053 to land prematurely.



Anonymous said...

it's hide-n-seek.
are you really supposed to write numbers in pictionary?

also, what kind of sicko would watch a video about pus-filled cysts.

i mean, by minute four i definately got the idea and there wasn't much of a climax at the end.

Anonymous said...

that pictionary game is super-addictive!
too bad i've already run into snakes who know the clues because of repeats...

Anonymous said...

what user name do you use for isketch?
i'm archstanton...

please answer this question.

Christopher said...

I had used goodfeets, but I figured out that game has a very limited number of words in its system so I stopped playing. Play more than an hour and you'll see "surfer" at least 3 times.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i figured that out.
but i've only tried two different catagories...
some of those animals seem made-up!