Thursday, December 14, 2006

177 - Dead

Peter Boyle: Dead

1. Peter Boyle: Dead
Veteran character actor, Peter Boyle died at the age of 71. Most people probably knew him as Ray Romano's father, but to me his is best remembered as the hippie-hater, Joe and as Frankenstein's Singing, Dancing Monster.

Lizzie Bolden: Dead

2. Lizzie Bolden: Dead
Officially recognized as the world's oldest person, Lizzie Bolden, born during the Benjamin Harrison administration died at the age of 116.

Moses Hardy: Dead

3. Moses Hardy: Dead
The world of competitive oldness must be very cutthroat. Moses Hardy, recognized as the oldest American male is now dead. He was thought to be the only living black veteran of the first world war.

Andy Dill: Dead

4. Andy Dill: Dead
To me, meningitis has a vaguely distasteful aura. I'm not sure how you contract it, but I'm sure people will be blaming Andy Dill's gay pornstar lifestyle for his death.

Martin Nodell: Dead

5. Martin Nodell: Dead
Martin Nodell created the super heroic Green Lantern for All-American Publications, which became a part of National Periodical Publications, which later became DC Comics. He also created the Pillsbury Doughboy. I doubt he made any real money for either.



Rob said...

Andy Dill was a good person with many friends who miss him dearly. You trivialize his death as though he wasn't a person.

Christopher said...

I'm certainly sympathize with his family, friends and fans, and am truly sorry for their loss. I'm not sure how reporting his death trivializes his life, however. It seems to me to do exactly the opposite.