Tuesday, October 31, 2006

133 - Backpedalling

Scare Tactics

1. Scare Tactics
I decided to do another Halloween day, which is weird because I don't even really like Halloween

Here's a great story about a guy that was willing to go to great lengths to scare passengers on a haunted hay ride.

Cruelty to Animals

2. Cruelty to Animals
Do people really think that their pets like to wear costumes? I guess my dog, Opal Stoltz, who died tragically at an early age, really did like wearing her argyle sweater, but only when it was very cold and she didn't look like an asshole.

Science of Scare

3. Science of Scare
I'm not sure if this is really science. I don't see any evidence of a control group, and there is definitely no falsifiable hypothesizing. Still, "Nothing evokes wild-eyed terror like a chain-saw" sounds pretty good.


4. Minifig
If you read this early enough, you might have time to whip up one of these lego action figure costumes. Personally, I'll be spending the day sleeping and watching bootleg DVDs.

If Houdini Hasn't Come Back From the Grave, Then No One Has

5. If Houdini Hasn't Come Back From the Grave, Then No One Has
Another great episode of Skepticality focusing on the mysterious life and death of Harry Houdini with Houdini Museum curators, Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brooks as well as renowned skeptic and historian, the Amazing James Randi.


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