Tuesday, January 16, 2007

210 - with Links!

Cave Man Style

1. Cave Man Style
Although evolutionary biologists have discounted the idea that modern humans decended from Neanderthals, recent discoveries in Romania suggest that there might have been some interbreeding between them and us.

The Frog Brothers

2. The Frog Brothers
First it's Real Genius Two and now there are reports of a possible sequel to the 80's "classic" The Lost Boys. I'll believe it when I see it.


3. Nintendo
This dude needs to post step by step instuction on how he crammed an entire NES video game console into one single game controller.


4. Amazing
I really liked the democratic nature of the original James Randi Million Dollar Challenge, which allowed any crackpot to put his claims of paranormal abilities to the test. The new challenge puts a little bit more pressure on the claimants which should free the JREF from the hassle of dealing with a lot of mentally ill applicants so they can focus more on the real charlatans.

Totally Ripped

5. Totally Ripped
You Though We Wouldn't Notice is a nice collection of major retailers and professional designers that have stolen their advertising and product ideas from independent designers and artists.



Anonymous said...

chris??? are you there??? it's late afternoon on the 17th....

Christopher said...

Sorry. running behind today.

Anonymous said...

no problem. your consistency is awe inspiring.

~Dawn said...

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