Monday, January 22, 2007

216 - Etsy Prints

Nude Lying on a Sofa

1. Nude Lying on a Sofa
In honor of the printmaking class I just started, I'm picking a few nice wood block and linoleum prints on Etsy. First is a linocut by Natalia Moroz who has a whole shop full of great prints

Along the Cabot Trail

2. Along the Cabot Trail
Magprint is another linocutter making nice prints.


3. Hillside
Kris Shanks has a collection of woodblock and linocuts for sale as well as some very nice original still life oil paintings.


4. BBQ
Jonathan Apgar seems to be a screenprinter primarily, but his shop has a few sweet block prints in it as well.


5. Untitled
This print by Connie Pierson has a softly refined quality not often seen in block prints. The fact that is is cut from wood rather than linoleum makes it all the more impresive.



Anonymous said...

Congrats, I guess this means you got through all the red tape of signing up for classes!

Christopher said...

Thanks. I got through most of the hassle, but I'm still not totally sure if financial aid is going to come through. I'm in my third week now and still haven't heard anything. Hopefully they won't just send me a fat bill.