Wednesday, January 24, 2007

218 - Zombie

Drugged, Dying or What?

1. Drugged, Dying or What?
Of course you've seen it before, but you know you wanted to see the classic zombie vs shark scene from Lucio Fulci's Zombi in low resolution youtube vision.

Shoot Up

2. Shoot Up
I don't know if there is a point to this game other than just shooting zombies. Fo me they just kept coming faster and faster and nothing else happened. Maybe you can do better.

Zombie Computers a Growing Threat

3. Zombie Computers a Growing Threat
Is your computer part of a ‘botnet’, or one of tens or even hundreds of thousands of compromised computers, under the control of one of the ‘bad guys’ using your computer to commit Internet fraud and other crimes?

'Zombie Snail

4. Zombie Snail
More on parasites inducing zombi-ism in tiny animals from nature programs.

How To Make a Real Zombie

5. How To Make a Real Zombie
Create your own personal zombie slave using three common household items, Tetrodotoxin, Tropane Alkaloids and Bufotoxins.



Anonymous said...

how serendipitous.
i was telling co-workers about zombi 3 today (it sucked) and, of course, i also had to mention zombi.
specifically, i told them about this scene.

ryan said...

Zombie is a legendary movie, the shark scene is just one of many unique things about the film.
The eyeball scene gets me every time

(and your sister was disgusted by it haha)

Christopher said...

I was watching Zombie on a CED VideoDisc and the disc hit a skip right during the eyeball scene so it just kept repeating that shot of the splinter entering the eye over and over and over again.

ryan said...

Hahaha AWESOME. Don't know how long I would've been able to watch it looped.
When a tree limb went into my
eye, all I could think about was Fulci.
I expected to look in the mirror with the good eye and see my other eye all broken apart and mushy like that lady's. Luckily it wasn't but the pain of it all made that scene even...worse...or better...hmmm...I'm pondering