Friday, January 26, 2007

220 - Paris Hilton

Paris Hiton Nude

1. Paris
Even if you won't admit it, I'm sure you want to see the new Paris Hilton sex videos that are hitting the internet.

Paris Hilton's Tits

2. Paris
It seems Miss Hilton didn't pay the bill on her storage unit.

Paris Hitlon Sex

3. Paris
After multiple failed attempts to contact her, the storage company eventually auctioned off the contents of Mss Hilton's unit.

'Paris Hilton Blowjob

4. Paris
The high bidders have been cataloging the new collection of Hilton ephemera which includes not only her personal diaries but multiple video tapes of Paris and friends engaging in sexual acts and drug use.

Paris Hilton Does Cocaine

5. Paris
Out of the goodness of their hearts, they have decided to make much of this information and footage available to the public.



Anonymous said...

this is brilliant!
i hope you got a shitload of traffic and that at least a few of the skeeves appreciated your cleverness.
on a related note when i asked 7th graders to give an example of somebody with a 'heart of gold' one girl said paris hilton because she heard she gave money for aids relief.

Christopher said...

She shoud have saved that aids money and paid her storage bill. If any of your student said Mother Teresa, you should make them read the Christopher Hitchens book which makes her out to be a sadist and a glory hound. I'll probably have a link to one f his articles here one day, if I haven't already.

So far it seems only one visitor has appeared looking for sex videos, and he spelled Hilton Hitlon, so I'm not sure how he got here.

Christopher said...

Also. If you ever see a type-o, you should email me, because the spell check deal on the new blogger messes up my html formatting for some reason. I've stopped using it all together, and I'm not motivated enough to actually proof read very carefully.

Anonymous said...

you're welcome.