Tuesday, January 2, 2007

196 - with Links!

UFO Chicago

1. UFO Chicago
Dozens of people, including airline employees and pilots, report seeing a large saucer shaped UFO hovering over Chicago's O'Hare Airport. It seems suspicious to me that, in this day and age, none of them had a cellphone with a camera feature.

The Top Ten lamest Superheroes

2. The Top Ten Lamest Superheroes
Actual heroes from the world of comic books including Vibe, the Spanish American, breakdancing, former gang leader who can create earthquakes with his awesome dance moves.

Don't Let Go

3. Don't Let Go
The rules are simple: Hold the button! Whatever you do don't, stop holding the button.

'Creationism: The Game

4. Creationism: The Game
You can guess by the name of the store, Living Waters, that this "Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism" board game is probably skewed toward the creationist player. What would the faithful do if the scientific player actually won the game?

The Slave Leia Appreciation Society

5. The Slave Leia Appreciation Society
An incredible flickr pool with nothing but pictures of nerd-girls wearing Princess Leia metal bikini outfits.



a witt said...

Oh my god. That Lamest Super Heroes list made my day. But Dogwelder should be #1!


Christopher said...

I don't think Dogwelder counts because he was probably a character that was intended to be ridiculous. The other heroes, however, seem to have been created with an extreme level of earnestness.