Saturday, January 20, 2007

214 - with Links!


1. Fraud
It is being reported by a lot of websites and blogs that Sylvia Browne has been caught in another in an ever growing list of "psychic errors." In 2003, she calously reported that a recently missing boy, Shawn Hornbeck was dead. You probably have heard that Shawn was reunited with his family on January 13th.

Jungle Girl

2. Jungle Girl
The BBC is reporting on a "half-human and half-animal" Cambodian girl who has been living in the wild for the the past 19 years. The article is woefully lacking in details and seems sketchy for some reason.

Bass Diddley Bow and Gas Can Guitar

3. Bass Diddley Bow
I'm not entirely sure what The Ministry of Hope is all about, but damn, these are some talented kids playing awesome homemade instruments.

'Welcome Back

4. Welcome Back
When Lewis Hill returned home to East St. Lewis from vacation he was surprised to find that the city had demoloshed his home. Another unfortunately, sketchy article without a lot of information and absolutely no input from the city about their side of the story.

Internet Justice

5. Internet Justice
Be careful about what you say to people in internet chatrooms. Painting by Tim Nyberg.



ryan said...

I despise Browne and am very happy to see you helping publicize how retarded she and her Customers are.

The Internet Justice

Christopher said...

It seems the tide may be turning against Sylvia and her fellow "psychics." This particular case has been all over the news. Even Larry King, one of her hardcore supporters, had James Randi on to speak about how evil she is.

Personally, I can't put any blame on her customers. They are mostly just desperate people in horrible situations looking for any help possible. That is why what Sylvie does is so dispicable.

Anonymous said...

Saw another psychic on Larry the Lizard's show debating Randi - very entertaining. Even the so-called medium seemed to mildly despise Browne.