Tuesday, January 23, 2007

217 - Monkey Tuesday


1. Birth
I don't know how to tell you when to tune in for the big event, but The Prague Zoo will be transmitting live via internet, the rare-ish birth of a bouncing baby gorilla sometime soon. The translation of the site is a bit wonky, so if you can figure out when to watch, let me know.

Monkey Mouse

2. Monkey Mouse
Paleontologist, Jonathan Bloch, and a new fossil discovery in Yellowstone National Park, lend credence to the notion that early primates evolved from small mouse-like mammals that may have flourished soon after the cataclysm that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Chimpasic Park

3. Chimpasic Park
A mystery developed in Louisiana when Teresa, a primate resident of Chimp Haven turned up pregnant, even though all of her male roommates have had vesectemies. Life will find a way!

'Great Ape

4. Great Ape
A giant gorilla is on the loose in the town of Carrollton, Texas. You'll be able to recognize him because he is "wearing blue boxers and a yellow shirt."

More Birth

5. More Birth
Another primate's right to privacy was taken away when the camera crews witnessed the birth of a baby howler monkey.


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