Saturday, September 2, 2006

074 - Horror - with Links!

Never Go To Costa Rica

1. Never Go To Costa Rica
I'm not sure why these kinds of horrible animals only live in tropical regions, but I sure am glad they don't live near me.

More horrible business from south of the border, or is that just a shitzu. Either way, "Don't touch it."


3. Mucous
I guess a snail race isn't really all that horrible, but, yeeesh, look at those dotted, slime trails.

Can Irwin be a woman's name, or is there more going on here than we are being told?


5. Horrible
And now for the worst of all.



rachel said...

one of the winningest horrors of all is named "angel poo".

arch stanton said...

don't watch this maggot video...

Christopher said...

Let it wriggle?!?!

arch stanton said...

i told you not to watch it!
it took so long for you to post my comment that i thought you had censored it to protect the masses.

Christopher said...

I thought you were warning potential viewers away from the video I posted, not because it was horrible, but because the snopes link you provided would prove that it was in some way bogus. This was a leaping series of assumptions. I liked my video better because it was a lot more informative. The problem with youtube is the lack of context in most 2 minute videos. I want answers. I'll look at a video of some girls on a playround merry-go-round getting spun around by the rear wheel of a scooter and think "Why are they doing this? Didn't they know it would go that fast? Did those girls get hurt? Are they dead? Should this be funny? Can I find a video of a crazy screeching cat?"

And I posted that comment right away as soon as I recieved it. I think blogger was a bit wonky today so maybe that accounts for it. The only thing I want to censor is the vast leagues of would-be spammers.

Although, I do censor myself. I've tried to keep the swearing to a minimum, only letting it out when it seems especially neccessary and/or funny to use a word like shit or asshole.

arch stanton said...

what about that pr0n link?
i was really surprised that you included that.
(it had boobies right on it!)

Christopher said...

I'm not sure why you're so hung up on that particular link. There really is no nudity on it, you just think there is. I thought it was interesting.

If they are going to give some girl a hundred grand for a years "work," how much will Melissa Midwest make off of her, and how much is her producer/boyfriend/pimp going to make? It never really crossed my mind that these internet girls might actually be making a decent living posting pictures and videos of themselves on the internet.

As an added bonus, at least 2-3 people searching for Melissa Midwest end up here everyday.

arch stanton said...

maybe you didn't scroll down to the bottom of that link.
it has a pretty explicit free pic from melissa midwest's hustler photo shoot in beverly hills.
it includes 2/3 frontal nudity, nipple pinching and simulated masterbation.

Christopher said...

2/3 frontal nudity = no nudity what-so-ever

arch stanton said...

did you look?
she's pinching her left nip and her right nip is exposed.
you can see her mounds venus or whatever and she has her hand down there.
i'd say that qualifies as nudity and would probably be found more offensive by more people than the word "shit".

Christopher said...

I think we're arguing semantics. On my monitor, I can see nary a trace of actual nudity. I believe I've seen as much on the cover of Rolling Stone. Anyway I'm sure most people would be much more offended by the content of House of Cosbys. I'm not sure if this argument is just a devil's advocate situation, or if you are a huge prude.

In other news some guy wrote me to say that my template was all screwed up when using firefox. I downloaded firefox to confirm. He was right. So the relatively large amount of work I did to get things looking the way I wanted was totally wasted. I spent some time rebuilding my template today.

After about an hour blogger decided to stop functioning and all that work was lost. After another hour, blogger decided to stop functioning again, but I managed to save about half of the work. After another hour, my text shifted into a weird position and I couldn't figure out why, so I basically had to start over again from the beginning. Then blogger went down again. A couple of times I actually slammed my fist down on the desk. All of this would probably go a lot faster if I actually knew what I was doing. I eventually decided to go with simple plain colored square backgrounds because I couldn't deal with it any more. Maybe basic is better anyway. If you see any weird error, let me know.

In other news, I'm trying to sell some drawings done by my fake 8 year old nephew, Tyler
We Got an Apartment Now
Dad Got a Girlfriend

Anonymous said...

i should have written to you about your screwed up template.
i'm a bad friend.
i just thought that maybe it was just because we use macs or whatever and i was content to be in the minority and just deal with the minor annoyances.
as far as prudishness goes -
i don't necessarily find the image shocking or offensive other than the fact that melissa mw looks like somebody i would dislike based on looks/tan alone, i was just surprised that you included the link considering how pg-13 the rest of your posts have been.
(i'm pretty sure the mpaa would rate nipple pinching R.)
also, get a better monitor.