Wednesday, September 27, 2006

099 - with Links!

Message in a Bottle

1. Message in a Bottle
Dennis Davis wrote a note, put it in a corked bottle and threw it in the ocean off the coast of Florida. Three years later it washed up on a beach in Spain. You can easily be the online equivalent of Dennis by throwing your messages out via Oceangram.

Up and Away

2. Up and Away
A Canadian RC plane enthusiast hooked up a crazy head-movement controlled camera rig to his airplane. When he turns his head left, the camera turns left. When he turns his head right, the camera turns right. To top it off he runs the signal to a set of virtual reality goggles in order to get the full experience of flight.


3. Permakittens
Tenderbutton has come up with a scheme for producing and marketing cats which never grow beyond kittenhood. If you think this is a far fetched concept, engineered pets that are completely hypo-allergenitic are already a reality.


4. Zwok
Zwok is a simple multiplayer online game in which the player lobs projectiles at his opponents. The more you play the better your character gets and the larger he grows.


5. Dominool
Playing a game of trick shot billiards across four tables via the domino effect.


1 comment:

Mike said...

When you build your VR/RC plane (which i can only assume you're already working on), I will pay a rental fee to play with it.