Wednesday, September 6, 2006

078 - with Links!

Super Glue

1. Super Glue
If you've ever wanted to glue two things together, but were not sure if they would remain stuck, then This to That is the site for you. You might also learn that the military did not invent super glue. Chemists at Eastman-Kodak accidentally glued two prisms together when testing light refracting compounds, thus discovering super glue.

I'm not sure how they did the research, but these guys claim that hippos have killed more human beings (including dwarfs) than any other animal.

Pink is the New Green

3. Pink is the New Green
Before you start crying photoshop, check out the facts from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Exciting to cook and fun to eat, just like the real thing.

This is Not About Paris Hilton

5. This is Not About Paris Hilton
Internationally renowned graffiti artist Banksy recently replaced 500 of Paris Hilton's new album with his own bootleg CD. I guess people could buy them in the stores for around $17. You can buy one on ebay for much, much more.



Anonymous said...

i munna eaCHOO!
that's super funny.
i've seen that octodog somewhere before.
are you getting all of the links that i've been sending you thru that form on this site?

Christopher said...

I can't really answer that question because, not only do I not know how many links you've sent, I don't even know who you are. I am getting some links though, and saving them up for when I need help.

arch stanton said...

oh come on!
how many people are presumptuous enough to make comments assuming that you know who it is even though i haven't provided any identifying info?
it's me! willy nelson! (jason)
i've submitted links as scott abbott, chris haney, and something about ufo's.
did you get them?

a witt said...

Amo mangiare il polipo. That's Italian for, "I munna eatchoo, Mrs. Butterwerps!"