Monday, September 4, 2006

076 - Etsygator - with Links!

 NASA Wants Pluto Back

1. Crocodile Hunter: Dead
We interrupt this Etsy Monday with breaking news: It was bound to happen sooner or later. I never really considered the fact that the things Steve Irwin did could actually be really dangerous. I guess they forgot to pack the emergency stingray antidote. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

"The Hippo swims lightly in the water above a waiting alligator. Ships passing in the night, or a graceful ballet?" More likely a royal rumble waiting to happen. From Eric's Emporoium of Wonderful Things.

No its a CLOCK

3. No its a CLOCK
Alligator skin purse by day, time telling device by night. From Junxtaposition.

Who would want a plain old-fashioned wallet when he could have a blue vinyl one with an illustration of a crocodile expressing his love embroidered on it. From Me dammit!. Let me just sneak another one of my items in here.

What's Going on Down There?

5. What's Going on Down There?
For the extra small ladies out there, here's a weird, vaguely erotic, appliqued shirt from stopsandstarts.



arch stanton said...

i really read the irwin coverage from several sources today.
i just kept reading it because it seems so weird to me.
i haven't even seen the show more than 2-3 times but it just seems so strange that the guy who did wacky stuff with animals to entertain me died doing just that.
when is one of those guys from wildboyz going to get it?

Christopher said...