Friday, September 8, 2006

080 - with Links!

'Mopeder Gerry Morelock: Dead

1. Mopeder Morelock: Dead
Gerry Morelock was riding his 1977 Moped when chopper builder, Billy Lane hit him head-on with a truck. Lane was passing in a no-pass zone at the time. All the articles I've read on the incident focus on Lane, with little regard for the innocent man that died. These irresponsible journalists also suggest Lane was drinking even though the results have not come back.

These crazy kids have been watching too much Japanese television.

Ginger Ale

3. Ginger Ale
I tried making my own ginger ale once and it tasted like a spicy, mud filled, dirty hole in the ground. Maybe I'll try this technique and it will come out better.

If giant pandas were native to Japan, they would definitely be the best animals ever. Being from China knocks them down a few places, but they're still pretty high up there.


5. Girl/Car
I can't believe it took me 80 days to remember to mention friends and favorites, The Shifties.



rachel said...

you should find a way to work Leroy's face into all of your pics.

they have a few different west indian ginger ales in the grocery store here. spicy.

arch stanton said...

for just the cost of one ceramic multilayer capacitor a day, you too can support a goodfeets.

arch stanton said...

aw, man!
that 32¢/day thing just f-ed up my awesome previous comment.

Christopher said...

I'm assuming you are the only one that is actually clicking on those ads. So that 32 cents is probably all your fault.

I looked at a website that proposed to sell me a program for maximizing google ad revenue. A guy was complaining about making only $2-$3 dollars a day before he started using this system. Personally, I'd be happy to make that much.

I, of course, am not willing to pay for this information. I have to guess that the system involves mixing ads in with real content in order to trick visitors into clicking links.