Friday, September 22, 2006

094 - with Hot Links!

Hot Chicks

1. Hot Chicks
Hidden camera catches a mother hummingbird feeding her babies.

Hot Time in the Old Town

2. Hot Time in the Old Town
Old Mother Leary's cow kicks a lantern over in a fireworks factory.

Hot Pink Pistol

3. Hot Pink Pistol
Paintings of rappers (mostly dead) on thrift store artwork.

Hot Licks

4. Hot Licks
Adam Fulara plays crazy, show-off, double neck, finger-tapped guitar and makes crazy faces.

Hot Fries

5. Hot Fries
30 bags of Andy Capp's Hot Fries for only $19.



Anonymous said...

a couple of days ago my highest purpose in life was to click on 6 google ads (per computer) from up to 3 computers a day on top5daily.
now what am i supposed to do?
what happened?
don't you like money?
i think this would be a good place to tell us about your adventures in google ad'ing.
love, jason

Christopher said...

If I had to guess why Google shut me out, I would say too many clicks from a single IP address. Probably a regular visitor that was trying to help me out. It isn't in their terms of service, but, apparently, they don't like you to mention the amount of money you are making from them either.

Though I truly appreciate the effort, please don't get me booted from any future ad providers I may eventually use. You can best help by letting me know if the ads looks ugly or too obtrusive.

arch stanton said...

if i were a dog, my tail would be between my legs.
i was only trying to help...
it seems a bit harsh that they would boot you because i clicked 6 links from home and 6 from work (and sometimes from rachel's computer too.)
it's not like i was clicked them 50 times a day.
the news ads look fine.

arch stanton said...

i must have been typing fast on the last post - "i was clicked them" and "the news ads".
anyway, did that guitar guy remind you of jac mulligan?