Tuesday, September 26, 2006

098 - Dance

Make Believe

1. Make Believe
Mr. Rogers was so awesome. At a time when most people his age were condemning young kids for their crazy new ideas, he was embracing them. Look at how much interest he showed in their music and video games.


2. Junior
BBoy Junior's dancing skills aren't really mindboggling, but the display of pure upper body strength is amazing.

Red-capped Moonwalker

3. Red-capped Moonwalker
I'd love to see more footage of this bird sliding around and much, much less of this crazy hippie woman trying to dance.

Best Buy Boogie

4. Best Buy Boogie
A friend of mine once told me about the "greatest hits" video collection K-mart security guards kept. There should be a website devoted entirely to these videos of customers doing embarrassing things in front of security cameras. If there is one, please let me know.

Step One: Get Drunk

5. Step One: Get Drunk
If all the dance talk has gotten you in the mood to shake a leg, How to Be Cooler has a nice lesson on how to blend in with the other dancers and not make a complete fool out of yourself.



rachel said...

I hope there weren't any best buy cameras to catch me jamming with JD on that nintendo guitar game.

also, I have seen the moonwalking footage before and can never understand how the bird is able to slide back like that. that dirty hippie (ornithologist?) should spend more time talking about the physics involved and less describing what the bird is about to do.

Christopher said...

I tried playing that guitar game and couldn't really figure it out. I only played it for 2-4 seconds, but I feel a good game's playability should be totally intuitive. If I couldn't figure it out in that amount of time, then the game sucks.

Years ago I was in Walgreens with Jake, and maybe Cmeron, and someone else. We decided to do a Soul-Train style dance line down the aisle in front of the security camera. We were eventually kicked out of the store by an employee who said, "That'll be the last dance of the evening."

At the beginning of the bird video the hippie suggests that the bird is doing tiny, super-fast hops. Thich makes sense to me.

arch stanton said...

rachel, you sound like somebody's grandma - 'you kids are going to ruin your eyes sitting that close to those nintendo games.'
it was a ps2 game.
i'm with chris on the 'super-fast hops' thing.
i'm with rachel on the 'dirty' thing.