Friday, September 29, 2006

101 - with Links!


1. Cheese
Dupont recently sponsored a grilled cheese sandwich recipe contest. I doubt I'll try any of them because I'm really too lazy to make even a normal sandwich. I'm not sure how sick the judge/author was after eating more than 6,000 sandwiches, but I'm pretty sure that there were no sandwiches featuring the image of the Virgin Mary.

It Really Is A Small World

2. It Really Is A Small World
In 1987, a bunch of art historians in Brussels, Belgium decided to make 1:25 scale models of 100 of Europe's most famous monuments. Looming over the whole of Europe is a giant geometric sculptural building , The Atomium.

Pothead Heaven

3. Pothead Heaven
Temple 420 is a new "religion" that claims to afford its members with the legal right to own and use "religious marijuana." While I feel that drugs should be made legal, I suspect this "church" might be nothing more than a boats-for-criminals style sting operation designed to collect the names of all the outspoken pot smokers in the United States.


4. Saidie
Like I occasional do, Megan makes recommendations of noteworthy items for sale on Etsy. She has pretty good taste. So far everything she has featured has been interesting to me.

Karl Pilkington

5. Karl Pilkington
I've decided to use The Top Five as a make-shift Christmas list. So from now to the end of December, I'll occasionally be posting things that I want someone to buy for me. If you really love me and want to get me a gift, look for the Christmas label.


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rachel said...

sorry- I fell a couple of days behind. did you ever have our awesome chipotle grilled cheese?