Sunday, June 3, 2007

348 - Pinholes


1. Pinhole
I've been thinking a lot about pinhole photography lately and came across this incredible photographer on flickr, Imre Becsi, who uses a modified flower pot to make work which reminds me of the paintings of Andrew Wyeth

Instamatic My Ass

2. Instamatic My Ass
I'm trying to modify a point and shoot camera so that I can have the convenience of using 35mm film and one hour processing. So far my results haven't been perfect. It is really really hard to make pinhole in aluminum only .19mm in diameter. Figuring out exposure times is a real chore as well.


3. Quaker
In case you don't know, a pinhole camera is a simple image recording device without a lens. Pinhole photographs usually have infinite depth of field and extremely wide angle views. Recent tradition presumes that pinhole cameras should be made in cardboard boxes or oatmeal containers to produce pictures on large format negatives or sheets of photo paper.


4. Resources
If you can get the oatmeal box to work, you might want to move on, experimenting with different containers, learning which hole diameters work best with which focal lengths, and figuring out the concept of reciprocity. Speaking of which, if anyone knows of a good reciprocity chart for different film types and extra long exposures, I'd love to know about it.


5. Wood
Eventually you might build a pretty extravagant camera. Or you could just buy one of these awesome teak box cameras from Zero Image. I'd take the Zero 135.



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