Tuesday, June 19, 2007

364 - with Links!

Who Needs Law School?

1. Who Needs Law School?
Remember about a month ago when I told you about a guy that had his camcorder stolen so he posted the suspected thief's phone number in a youtube video? Remember I suggested that what he did was probably illegal? Yeah. Well, I was right.

Speaking of Youtube

2. Speaking of Youtube
Somebody leaked some footage from the new Micheal Bay Transformers movie onto the internet. There's no audio, but seeing the transformations from robots to cars is pretty freaking impressive.


3. Nodes
Another way to waste time at work when you are supposed to be making money for the capitalist pigs.

Speaking of Capatalist Pigs

4. Speaking of Capatalist Pigs
These capitalists are about to be really, really pissed.

Google Street Fight

5. Google Street Fight
Have you been following the Google Streetview privacy rights issue? In case you don't know, Streetview is a new feature of Google Maps which allows you to zoom in through Google's satellite imagery, to see actual street level photographs of certain metropolitan areas, including pedestrians doing things they might not want posted on the internet. Not only street fights, but also crimes in progress, streetside hanky panky, smoking up, getting a ticket, and other things.


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