Tuesday, June 26, 2007

371 - with Links!

1. UFO
British airline pilot reports seeing a mile wide unidentified flying object. I don't understand how he could possibly estimate how big this thing was. Unless it was right next to something that he unequivocally knew the size of, then he has no reference to judge scale. In an on camera interview he seems to me to be an unreliable witness. I'm going to guess it was a reflection on the glass of the cockpit window.

2. Three Robbers Shot
Apparently, the best way to get the police to come to you aid is to lie to them boldly. Does anyone in the legal profession know if this would be considered illegal.

3. Monolith
I really like the design of this game. Even still, I only got to about level 15 before I moved on to other things.

4. Micro Housing
I really like the idea of simplified living, but I think these homes, even though they are really cool, go a little bit too far. Also, how can the tiny LoftCube possibly be worth $55,000.

5. Elwood
In the past when I've seen the winner of the annual world's ugliest dog contest, I thought, "Aww come on, he doesn't look that bad." this year I didn't think that at all.



arch stanton said...

does it seem fair (to owners of ugly corgies) that chinese crested dogs are the only ones in contention every year? what about owners of other ugly hairless dogs? shouldn't name pronounce-ability be one of the criteria? if so, shouldn't xoloitzcuintles be the winners every year?

Christopher said...

show low eats queent lee

I don't think they are very ugley. But I found one that looks like a cross between Stripe from Gremlins and a velociraptor from Jurassic Park 3.

arch stanton said...

they get uglier as they get bigger apparently. the largest ones are pretty ratty looking. i think they come in different sizes like poodles.