Sunday, June 17, 2007

362 - All Request


1. Creation
I'm sure you already know about the big creationism-masked-as-science museum that opened recently in Kentucky. Did you know they were charging a $20 admission fee? To save you money, two atheists disguised themselves as believers to enter the museum and document a lot of the exhibits for the world to see. For free.

Mistress of the Dark

2. Mistress of the Dark
And if that makes you think superstitious beliefs are out of control here in America, that's nothing. They are still killing vampires in Dubai.


3. Aloha
Judging by the number of record albums I've seen at thrift stores and garage sales, there was once a very real interest in Hawaiian guitar in the United States. We don't hear it much anymore, so it might be a nice change of pace to sit back and listen to the dulcid sounds of the Steel Strings.

Blur Spray

4. Blur Spray
Before clicking this link, I want you to be aware that this technology does not exist. Someone wrote an article about inventions that they think would be cool and then a lot of other blogs and media outlets reported on it as if they were reality. Neither blurring sprays, nor electronic camera jamming id badges, are real. And, based on my admittedly limited knowledge of how cameras (both film and "electronic") work, I'm pretty sure neither one could ever actually be real.

Instant Ice

5. Instant Ice
On the other hand, here's some awesome technology that is real.



rachel said...

I am going to impersonate someone. well, two someones. ready?

oh, look at me! I am so cool and alternative! look at the awesome cookies I eat for breakfast. do you know who I am way cooler than? those christians who believe in creationism. they're very stupid and unfashionable. I will make clever t-shirts to mock them.

I'm back to being me again. it was those kids from that creationism museum. for some reason they completely annoyed me, even though I agree with their overall sentiment (creationism=fiction).

also, I think I know someone who plays with sodium acetate. he caught some tiny toads today at the park.

arch stanton said...

hey! I found toads at the park today!

Christopher said...

I just scanned through looking at the images and ignoring the titles and comments. Many of the exhibits surprised me because they really seem to present the actual science and then just say "but we don't believe that." It would probably be better if an evolutionary biologist went through the museum and then commented on the exhibits, rather than two hot hipsters.

arch stanton said...

hot? that woman is plain/average at best. the ryan reynolds lookalike however...