Sunday, June 10, 2007

355 - Art Request

Wooden Mirror

1. Wooden Mirror
It's hard to say exactly what is happening here, but it has something to do with a tiny camera, a computer, a bunch of tilting wooden tiles, and a very bright light.

The Wrong Trousers

2. The Wrong Trousers
Mandolin, harp, stand up bass, nerds, Buggles, busking. Check 'em out.

Gas Mask

3. Gas Mask
My failing eyesight, combined with small white text on a light grey background, forbids me from telling you what any of Chris Dimino's artwork is about but I know he made a cool shower head out of a gas mask.

Action Poetry

4. Action Poetry
Former Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, reads his poetry which is then set in motion by a collection of animators and film makers. My favorite: Forgetfulness.


5. Inkjet
Proof of concept. Making projectable 8mm and 16mm films using a home computer and an inkjet printer. You must be able to get a square paper punch for easily making those socket holes.



Anonymous said...

The Wrong Trousers is cool but the irony is that without video no one would know these kids. Also it is crazy this song was released ten years before any of them were born.

Christopher said...

I don't think that is the correct usage of the word irony.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so because they are not on the radio. If they were then it would be irony. Or if it was just radio killed the star.