Wednesday, June 27, 2007

372 - Contests

1. Digital
Build a one of a kind clock using this electronics kit from furni and if it is good, it might make it into their next commercial collection.

2. Scratch
You always hear about how winning the lottery is unlucky. In most cases that idea is totally bunk. However, for this girl, winning only $500 actually did cause a couple of problems.

3. Veggie
Win $20 by entering your best, easy to prepare, vegetarian recipe. The deadline is June 30th, only three days from now, so hurry up hippies!

4. Dogs
I think there is something fishy going on with Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest. In May, Takeru Kobayashi's record was broken by American Joey Chestnut, who ate 59.5 hot dogs in just 12 minutes. A couple of weeks later, it was reported that Kobayashi would probably be taking a sabbatical due to the death of his mother. Then, we hear that he will not be competing at all due to sudden arthritis of the jaw. Maybe I'm a cynic, but to me, these excuses sound phony.

5. A Moment of Science
Rebecca of Skepchick, in honor of the death of Don Herbert, has posted an interesting youtube challenge. The point is to film yourself doing a Mr. Wizard-esque science experiment and post it for the world to see. P.S. the last frame of the video freezes on a pretty funny face. I've included it for you here.


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