Friday, June 1, 2007

346 - with Links!

Second Indo-China War

1. The Second Indo-China War
"Do you know what Australia and New Zealand Did in 1971?"
"Of course."
Do you think we'd pointlessly invade another country ever again?"
"No, of course not."
"Let's make out."

Dog Love

2. Dog Love
I'm not sure if this is an actual product or some kind of joke website.


3. Tetrissy
How to build a modular bookshelf patterned after Tetris.

Pistol Shrimp

4. Pistol Shrimp
The snapping claw of a shrimp is used to propel high speed, high temperature bubbles that knock out its prey. I'm not sure how collapsing bubbles can reach such high temperatures, so any physicists reading this should explain that for me.


5. Pop
In case you don't know how to use your new pop rivet gun, Emhart Technologies has produced a short Flash animation to demonstrate the process.



arch stanton said...

i love the new pic!
also, i took two semesters of physics and i never heard anything about collapsing bubbles.
not one thing.

rachel said...

I have been jonesing for a tetris bookshelf since I saw a very expensive one in an online furniture store. now I want a tetris credenza for the dining room. I think each component could be painted and some kind of backing & cabinet doors attached. I am going to talk to JD's grandpa about making us one.