Thursday, June 14, 2007

360 - Squirrel Wars

One Seriously Pissed Off Squirrel

1. One Seriously Pissed Off Squirrel
If you live in Germany, and you are over 70 years old, watch out for rampaging squirrels. The only known defense against one of these vicious rodents is the common crutch.

Stars Align

2. Stars Align
I've been waiting for a good day to tell you about Cute With Chris, a regular, video web series. It's kind of hard to explain what the show is about, but if you like it, there are currently over 125 episodes available for your enjoyment. A recent episode heavily features a squirrel wearing a speedo, so that is why today works out so well


3. Jedi
I have a bad feeling about this.

Light Saber Repair

4. Light Saber Repair
Good concept. Short and sweet. Easy to read in one sitting. That's the way I like it.


5. PKD
I was aiming for some kind of tenuous squirrel/light saber theme for today but it's fallen apart already so I'll just tell you to come by the house tonight and watch these two movies since I forgot to post about it earlier when it might have actually been helpful.



arch stanton said...

in the vein of the hedgehog v. porcupine jerk-ery, i'd like to point out that squirrels are rodents. and as such, they have ever-growing, very sharp teeth up front (not fangs.)

how'd movie night go?

Christopher said...

I believe that since the squirrel took time out of his busy nut gathering schedule to sharpen his ever-growing teeth into fangs proves that the attacks were likely pre-meditated.

Mike EgoCock said...

There are no words to describe my thrill at being linked. I should probably fix my counter now.

Lis said...

Squirrels are terrifying.