Saturday, June 16, 2007

361 - All Request

The X-Coaster

1. The X-Coaster
A power outage left 12 people hanging upside down on a roller coaster in Arkansas. Thanks to the power of satellites, the internet, Google, and some bloggers from Scotland, you can almost see the exact spot where this occurred.

Double Duty

2. Double Duty
A reader that noticed my obsession with the outbreak of young, hot female teachers accused of inappropriate relationships with their students sent this in. Though these two aren't that hot, there were two of them arrested at the same time. On the same day I received this link, I saw a report on CNN (or whatever) about another unrelated incident. Is there something in the water? I think someone could start a daily blog (if one doesn't exist already) on this subject, these arrests are happening so frequently now.

Barrel Meet Scraper

3. Barrel Meet Scraper
Here's a list of "star" available for "partying" Chingy, Vanilla Ice, Cindy Margolis ie "the internet's most downloaded woman,"Steve-O, Traci Bingham and Ant?

Where's Saint George When You Need Him?

4. Where's Saint George When You Need Him?
The vicious Komodo Dragon really hasn't lived up to its reputation at a killer until earlier this month when it attacked and killed a young Indonesian boy. It is assumed it would have eaten the boy, but a fisherman, "who just happened to be the boy’s uncle." threw rocks at the dragon until it ran away.

Toof Decay

5. Toof Decay
After killing countless American dogs and cats, the Chinese are boldly denying rumors that their next target is America's teeth.


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