Sunday, June 24, 2007

369 - Japanese

1. Ha Ha Ha Ha
You can tell these jokes are funny because creepy Japanese children laugh at them.

2. Sushi Express
I believe the footage stops when it does because one of the sushi chefs steals the camera. In related news, a rash of toy train themed restaurants has apparently been popping up around the Chicago area. I haven't been to one yet. But I'm going someday.

3. Stolling Down the Avenue
A girl and her shadow play basketball.. Remember how Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. used to sing a duet of "Me and My Shadow?" There's no way anyone would get away with that today.

4. Sensei Clean
A clean toilet brings good luck. (This message brought to you by the Japanese Bathroom Cleanser Manufacturers Association.)

5. Do Not
Unlike our first link, in which four creepy Japanese girls allowed us to laugh, this video is about exactly the opposite.



rachel said...

seriously, what's the largest format you can print? I want to buy a print of that flowered sofa in the grass. don't you think "alley picks" sounds kind of dirty?

what are you doing 7/2/07? wanna do some manual labor and be paid with pizza?

Christopher said...

The quality of the 8x10's I've printed is, in my opinion, questionable. I've really got to get a better camera. I can send you the high resolution image file and you could try printing it at walgreen's or whatever.

I have class on Monday evenings, but maybe.