Friday, October 6, 2006

108 - with Links!

Walt Disney is a Liar and a Mass Murderer

1. Walt Disney is a Liar and a Mass Murderer
I knew about this already, but I feel it is worth spreading the word. Lemmings are not suicidal. They are just regular ratty animals that hang around and do ratty stuff. Walt Disney made the whole thing up. He also killed a lot of lemmings and other animals.


2. Goldberg
Another video of an awesome Rube Goldberg device. This one is designed to make a cup of hot dirty water.

Arcade Ambience

3. Arcade Ambience
Andy Hofle is providing a valuable service to those very few special people that want to remember what it was like to hang around in a video arcade in 1981, 1983 or 1986.

Giant Bug

4. Giant Bug
If you thought tiny, tiny thrips were disgusting, wait until you see this 200 foot long one living in the farmland of Germany.


5. Youtubers
This video is a little long for viewing on the internet, but it is worth watching. I think it is a brilliant examination of the desperate and lonely nature of video blogging.


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