Monday, October 30, 2006

132 - Enabling

How To

1. How To
Get together some old clothes, some eyeshadow, and some Karo Syrup. Mix it all together and presto.


2. Shuffle
Once you've got your look just right, organize a zombie walk in your town.


3. Johnny
They're coming to get you Barbara.

Body Bread

4. Body Bread
Watcharaporn Taithongchai reports on the ghoulish baked goods concocted by Kittiwat Unarrom.


5. Concerned
I think this will be the last Halloween theme day.



rachel said...

Examples of enabling behaviors include:

Making excuses for the zombie addict ("he is just a huge horror film fan", "he's exposing himself to frightening images to develop his mastery over his anxiety about death")
Paying their video rental bills
Bailing them out of jail
Switching the topic of coversation at social events before the addicts friends start to think he has Asperger Syndrome and his are of special interest is the undead
Making rationalizations for their irresponsible behaviors
Ignoring the problems caused by the addict's use ( financial, employment, legal)
Cleaning up their messes
Putting on their Halloween zombie make-up
Accepting their excuses or believing their lies
Not discussing the problem of their addiction
Not getting help for yourself
As addicts are rescued from the negative consequences of their zombie obsession, they learn to rely on their enablers to continue their addiction.

Enabling behaviors can be changed, and recovery is possible even if the zombie-dependent person does not seek help.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips!
i dressed as a zombie for halloween this year and somehow i'm still not on prozac.
god bless the enablers.
ps - i've moved on from zombies as my area of limited interest and now i'm obsessed with diagnosing my spouse with zombie obsession.