Tuesday, October 3, 2006

105 - UFO

Shooting Stars

1. Shooting Stars
Somewhere over mexico this giant meteor flew through the atmosphere. The meteoroid itself is large enough that you can actually see it when the flashing occasionally subsides. Much cooler than these jet contrails mistaken for flaming UFOs over Washington state.

Giant Saucers

2. Giant Saucers
All the UFO books and websites use these types of lenticular clouds, but I find it hard to believe than anyone could ever mistake a cloud, no matter how cool it looks, for an interstellar spacecraft.


3. B-2
Apparently, this guy hasn't seen an action or spy movie in the past 15 years because he's freaking out about this stealth bomber that he believes is the first indication of imminent hostile alien invasion. He must have seen a couple of sci-fi movies or played some UFO Attack video games.

Fairy Rings

4. Fairy Rings
It seems that some legitimately mysterious crop circles do appear occasionally. They are small and round. But, all evidence points to the big fancy ones being created by groups of circle making artists and drunk teenagers.

Cow Abduction

5. Cow Abduction
I saw this website a while ago and thought it had been taken down. It is the beginning of a viral marketing campaign for the milk industry. Please watch the small video. Every one of the actors in it should be given honorary Oscars.

I'm starting a new feature here. On Tuesdays I'll provide a rundown of the DVDs being released, that I woud buy if money were not an issue. I'm archiving these posts over at The New Release Roundup.


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