Wednesday, October 11, 2006

113 - Zombie


1. Blades
Here's a 1982 interview with Tom Savini explaining the special and make-up effects techniques used in the filming of Creepshow, with some mention of George Romero and Dawn of the Dead.

Best Zombies

2. Best Zombies
Of these 20 movies, I was surprised to see that there were 8 that I have not seen. I'd better get to work.


3. ASD
Shoot, stab or blow up as many zombie as you can. If you don't like this game, try this one.

The South Will Rise Again

4. The South Will Rise Again
These guys are trying to raise enough money to finish their southern fried-karate-zombie movie. You could send them some donations if you want to get your name in the credits.

Faces of Meth

5. Faces of Meth
The effects of drug addiction create some real life walking dead. Don't do drugs.



Anonymous said...

the stupid content filter at the middle school that i work at won't let me see that zombie list.
i'd wager that i've seen more than fifteen...

Christopher said...

I'd advise you to quit screwing around and get back to work anyway. If you worked for me I'd fire you.

arch stanton said...

i'm back at work.
i only saw 14 of those zombie movies.
although, i would argue that some of those aren't truly zombie movies.
or at least that some of them belong in their own zombie sub-catagory.
as for my laziness, consider this my 'smoke break'.
we non-smokers have been screwed over on break time for years.