Thursday, October 12, 2006

114 - Guest Curator


Today the Top Five is being curated by Sister Mary Martha, a Catholic nun blogging about her life with Sister Mary Fiacre, Sister St. Aloysius and countless saints in heaven (but not Saint Christopher, who is really just a stupid myth.) Check out her blog or request some help from above by visiting her shop, Heaven Help Us.

Cuddle Party

1. Cuddle Party
According to Sister Mary Martha, "these are five websites to stop at on the down elevator to hell."

Apparently, near occassions of sin are just about as bad as real, actual sins. I'd say you might as well just go for it then.

Cats That Look Like Hitler

2. Cats That Look Like Hitler
It seems the good Sister isn't a regular reader of the Top Five as she didn't know that I featured the Kitler site a while ago. Still, it is worth a second look.

Mary Turtle

3. Mary Turtle
Miraculous visions of the Virgin Mary on rocks, trees, chocolate bars, overpasses, underpasses, toast and turtles are on the Sister's list of things not worth worrying about. After all there are more important thingsto consider, like the possibility of a war in heaven. I wonder how she feels about images of Jesus.

Dead Celebrity Soulmate

4. Dead Celebrity Soulmate
You are very likely going to die. You might as well start thinking about who you'd like to hook up with in the afterlife.


5. Inferno
It is safe to assume you are going to hell. Take this test to find out where you'll be staying. I'll be sitting pretty in the City of Dis, reserved for heretics of a "very high" level. Shit.

My thanks to Sister Mary Martha for helping out with today's choices.



arch stanton said...

i think they automatically put us in the city of dis because we don't believe in god.
they can keep him.
i scored pretty high on 'virtuous non-believers' though.

Christopher said...

I thought I would have been pretty virtuous as well. I'm not sure where I went wrong.

I get stuck on a lot of questions because I can see the greay area in between the two options and I'm not sure which one to choose.

Oh well, it's a "Mason's Ring" situation anyway.