Sunday, October 15, 2006

117 - All Request

How To Eat at a Sushi Bar

1. How To Eat at a Sushi Bar
Another all request day. I think all of these were sent in by the same guy, but using different bogus pseudonyms.

This video is pretty funny, but I think it might be too subtle for the common, non-Japanese sensibility. Sorry, I forgot the name of the submitter,

Better Than One

2. Better Than One
Like any sensible person, I enjoy pictures and videos of animals with two heads. I normally would shy away from two-headed baby videos because they are so sad, but this is an all request day. Blame it on "Arch Stanton."

Night Into Day

3. Night Into Day
Video of a fireball over Texas, submitted by Youshould Doa Ufoday. Ha! Did it without your help, sucka!

George Lucas Murdered My Childhood

4. George Lucas Murdered My Childhood
Breaking News! The new special edition Star Wars movies have some changes from the original theatrical releases. Thanks for the incredibly relevant update Chris Haney!

RuBot II

5. RuBot II
This guy should really quit messing around with the Rubik's Cube and invent a Haircutbot. Submitted by Arent I A Cleverrobot.



arch stanton said...

i just read a story about a haircutbot -

Christopher said...

Were they all you?

Anonymous said...

sort of - i think the arch stanton one was actually rachel b/c i don't remember posting that.
but maybe i did.

rachel said...

that arch stanton one is certainly nothing I would recommend to people.