Saturday, October 14, 2006

116 - All Request

No Phone Trees

1. No Phone Trees
Bringo is a service, similar to the Get Human Project,that helps you avoid sitting on hold when calling a customer service number. Enter the company you'd like to contact then enter your phone number, and Bringo will connect you with a representative automatically. Thanks to "Marcin Musiolik."

Mom's Bombs

2. Mom's Bombs
Some dude travelling with his mother didn't want her to know he had packed his penis pump, so when asked about the myterious object in his luggage, he told airport security it was a bomb. From my brother Scott.

Heart Shaped Uke

3. Heart Shaped Uke
Since he could not handle the pressure of being a super famous, world wide, rich celebrity, the singer of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain shot himself in the face with a shotgun. Or maybe Courtney Love did it. From "Scott Abbott"

If Only Ghosts Were Real This Place Would Surely Be Haunted

4. If Only Ghosts Were Real This Place Would Surely Be Haunted
The Manteno Project is creating a comprehensive history of the Manteno State Hospital, an insane asylum which operated from 1929-1985. It is an incredible place which is slowly disappearing to the ravages of progress. Thanks Matt LeRoy (sorry I never call or anything.)

Vegan Lunch Box

5. Vegan Lunch Box
Mention a vegetarian cookbook once and the hippies come out of the woodwork. Submitted by Kristy



arch stanton said...

sometimes i get a name in my head that i think would be a funny sign-off but then nobody knows who that person is.
i sure didn't know who scott abbot was until i looked him up on wikipedia and remembered that it was me.

Christopher said...

Please explain to me what is funny about Scott Abbot.


I think Arch Stanton is damn funny. Everyone should use it as their user name.

arch stanton said...

i did not write that last comment.
also, scott abbott is one of the only canadians in history to invent something useful.
now that's funny!